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5 Tricks Students Use for Writing Essay Quickly

Writing an essay is a tough task for many students. Whether they attempt it in the class, contest, or during scholarships, students find it overwhelming. There are instances where students attempt this question at the end. This makes them run short of time and leave the work incomplete.

Following these 5 tricks, you can draft your research easily and score some brownies.

  1. Choose a topic
  2. You may get a few options to choose a topic or the examiners might ask you to write on the subject of your choice. If they have assigned a topic, you must think about the type of paper you want to produce. Do you want to give a general overview or present a specific analysis? It is better to narrow your focus.

    However, if you have to write on a subject of your choice, then you have some extra work to do. First, you need to define the purpose of your paper. Then you need to do some research on the interesting topics. If you want to educate people through your paper, choose a subject that makes you feel passionate.

  3. Have an outline
  4. If you want to draft a successful homework, it is important to organize your thoughts at first. Putting everything into a paper will help you to see the link between ideas clearly. The outline serves as the foundation to your essay.

    Write the topic of your paper in the middle of the page. Draw some lines branching off the topic and jot down the main ideas. You can also write the topic at the top of the page and begin listing your main ideas leaving space under each sub points. In this space, list the smaller ideas that relate to the main ideas.

  5. Draft the body
  6. The body of your write up will portray all the arguments and explanations. The main ideas you have listed in the outline will become separate sections. For each paragraph in the body, begin writing the main idea as the introductory sentence. Then deliver the supporting ideas in succeeding sentences.

  7. Prepare a catchy introduction
  8. After you have developed the basic outline and body of your write up, now you must write an introduction. The introduction should be intriguing and must show the focus on your work. You can put some shocking information, use a story telling mode or a quote or may be a simple summary.

  9. Write a great conclusion
  10. To close the topic you need to sum up, all your ideas and give a final perspective on the topic. The conclusion must have three to five strong sentences and needs to the main points described in the essay.

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