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Academic Essay Writing Tutorial: Enhance Your Skills

Writing an essay is a task that will follow you during the whole course of education. Even if you think you are good in composing them, it doesn’t mean there is no way for improvement. It’s still important to practice and enhance your skills, which will help you not only to finish your education successfully, but also to build a good career. There are many tips that will help you get more organized in writing papers. As for practice, all you have to do is just to write, trying different introductions, conclusions, structures, statements, etc.

How to Write Essays Better

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Places to Search for Academic Information

Academic article sources

Choose journals or a websites where academic articles are posted. These articles can be on different subjects or on the particular topic you’re interested in

Newspaper sources

These sources will help you find evidence if your essay is on a historical topic of something that happened recently. Also, they will be helpful for argumentative papers, because you will have a support of your opinion.


Save a couple of links to online encyclopedias to use them in your further works. Using them you will know all the terms written in the paper perfectly and will be ready to defend your work.